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and WELCOME! I am so excited to share with you my latest creation, New and Native!  As many of you know, with my husbands job, we get the opportunity to live across the pond for a good six or seven months out of the year. Currently, we have made home in the charming city of Verona, Italy! I am quickly learning so much about international living and I have a feeling I am going to become a level-10 expert at packing.  Fitting your life into 2 checked bags, a carry-on, and 1 personal item is no easy feat, my friends!

I started to become serious about this whole blog gig back when I was in the U.S. for the holidays. 90% of the people I came across seemed to ask the exact same question "So, what do you do over there?"...they were probably expecting some great story about how I scale the walls of the Colosseum weekly, and how convenient the canals of Venice are for swimming laps. HA! Wrong. The response they really got was how I had mastered Italian grocery stores and that Netflix and I created a nearly unbreakable bond. I won't lie, my first month of living abroad was not an easy one by any means. Away from friends and family, I was completely out of my element and the last thing I wanted to do was stretch my comfort zone. I can be a bit stubborn sometimes. BUT HOW LAME WAS I?! Living in one of the most beautiful countries this world has to offer, and not taking advantage of it!

Once my vacation time in the U.S. had come to an end, I started to get REAL serious about buckling down (or unbuckling?) and exploring this place! Train tickets were booked, and Tay and I were off to Roma, Italia to kick off our exciting 2016! You guys,  IT . WAS . INCREDIBLE . Literally like walking right into a history book. I got so into the Vatican City, that when our tour guide would ask the group if anyone knew tid-bits on art pieces I would pull a Hermione Granger, whip my hand up, and share my thoughts. I am actually laughing thinking about it because people were probably like "who does this chick think she is?!" hahaha. When in Rome, I guess!

Getting outside and seeing the everyday treasures is what living abroad is all about, and I am so excited to be able to share these moments with you all! I am no hair guru and bronzer is probably the riskiest thing living in my makeup bag! I can't promise any life-changing tutorials, but I can promise a pretty fun adventure to follow, with a little bit of everything peppered in here and there!

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